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Information For Parents

How do I enrol?

We would love parents to come and visit Rural Scholars Early Learning Centre before enrolling, this gives parents an opportunity to get a feel for the centre and see if it's right for them and most importantly their precious child/children.

If you would like to enrol at Rural Scholars Early Learning Centre, download the enrolment documents, fill the forms out and bring them into the centre if possible. If this isn't possible, email or post them to us (see our contact details here).

What do I need to bring for enrolment?

On enrolment you are required to bring:

  • Your child's birth certificate or Passport
  • Immunisation record
  • Completed enrolment form
  • Completed Introduction documents

What do I need to bring when my child starts preschool?

  • At least one change of NAMED clothes, for both hot & cold weather, coat and woollen hat for winter and sunhat with a brim or flap for summer.
  • A named lunchbox with your child's morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea(Full Day)
  • Named nappies and wipes if your child/ren is in nappies (if cloth nappies liners are required)
  • Breast milk or formula for babies please ensure all bottles are named
  • Slippers for inside
  • Any special comforters

Is my child/children required to do visits prior to starting?

Settling in time is very important for your child and you; first experiences can set the scene for future learning. A settling in period of at least two visits is required before your child's start date. This enables your child and you to become familiar with the setting and teachers. We would like you to talk to us about what your child and you need at this important time and we will all work together to make the transition as smooth as possible.

What's required at Pickups and Drop offs?

When you drop your child off and pick your child up from Rural Scholars Early Learning Centre it is a Ministry of Education requirement that you are required to sign in and out. This ensures we know where everyone is in an event of an emergency.

Please ensure you pick up and drop off your child at the correct time. When this doesn't happen it disrupts our ratios. We are staffed for the amount of children that are meant to be here at the time. If for any reason you are going to be late to pick up or drop off your child/children please let us know so we can arrange cover if needed.

A late fee will occur if we do not hear from anyone prior to picking up your child late.

Written permission is needed for those collecting your child. If their name is not on the enrolment form this person will not be able to pick up the child. Let us know of any change of address or phone numbers or who can pick your child/ren up.

If travelling by car your children must be bought to the centre in a safety approved car seat

Rural Scholars Early Learning Centre does not close for the holidays. If your child is not going to be attending during the school holidays please let us know. Two weeks written notice, is required.

How is each individual child's learning documented?

Each child has a learning journal that the teachers and parents can record achievements and goals in. This ensures that parents are kept informed of their child's progress and development at Rural Scholars Early Learning Centre. We encourage parents and whanau to add to these books at any time. We acknowledge that parents know their children better than anyone and welcome the sharing of this knowledge.

We value parents and whānau input

We encourage and welcome parent involvement. There are many ways in which you can become involved. Do you have an interest, skill or talent that you could share with the children? Here at Rural Scholars Early Learning Centre we value and recognise the importance of parent involvement. We will regularly review our policies, procedures and practices. Parent input on these matters is also welcomed. As part of our review process we will be consulting with parents on a regular basis.

We have times available for you to discuss your child's progress and we encourage and welcome parental involvement. We also have formal interviews annually which are a great time to get all parents and other whānau involved.

What to do if your child/children are unwell?

We would appreciate it if you could keep your child home if they have an excessive runny nose or continual cough, or signs of mucky eyes, as we will ring you to take them home if we feel he/she is not well enough to attend.

Children are not permitted to attend the centre for 48 hours after their last bout of vomiting or diarrhoea.

If your child is sick please let us know as soon as possible

What happens if my child/children require medication?

Medication can only be given by us if the right name and use by date is on the medicine and if written permission is given. A teacher will give you a medication form which must be filled out and signed by you if you require medication to be administered to your child.

Please show immunization records to the manger when starting the centre.

There is always a staff member that holds a current first aid certificate with the children. A well-equipped first aid kit is situated in each classroom. Please ensure your emergency contacts are up to date, as we do sometimes need to have children taken home.


Please provide your child with at least one change of clothes. It is essential that your child's clothes are clearly named. If you child is toilet training please add in extra clothing.

Gumboots are a great idea if your child has a pair to bring along. Shoes are also great in a child's bag if we go on excursions.

Sun Smart Policy

All children are required to wear a wide brim hat outdoors in terms 1 and 4. Hats are to be kept in the child's bag when not in use.

Sunscreen is applied after morning tea and after lunch in terms 1 and 4, this is documented on the toileting sheet so we can track who has sunscreen on.

Is my child/children required to bring their own food?

You must provide all the food your child needs for the day. Ideas include sandwiches and fruit. Lollies are treats for home. Please do not bring them to Rural Scholars Early Learning Centre.

We do have water available all day for children and provide drinks with meals and snacks. We promote healthy food for healthy bodies and active minds. Rural Scholars Early Learning Centre is also a glad wrap free zone, as we find the children struggle to open their food and also as we are looking after the environment.

At Rural Scholars Early Learning Centre we promote reuse, reduce, recycle.

Please name your child's lunch box, drink bottles and bag.

Can my child/children sleep while they are at Rural Scholars?

Yes, we have sleep facilities available for all children to use. You will find our sleep policy with more details in the enrolment information.

Do we go on excursions?

Excursions are a valuable learning experience and a great way to make links with the community; we go on regular trips to the Farm, Waimate Library, Waimate Rugby grounds, Lister Home, and the Local Schools.

In a civil defence emergency where is our evacuation point?

The evacuation area away from the centre in case of a civil defence emergency is Waimate High School, Paul Street, Waimate.

We have a well-stocked and maintained civil defence emergency kit that will support us in the event of an emergency.

What are our Fees?

$4.60 per hour.

Direct credit can be made to ASB: 12-3475-0006282-00

Are W.I.N.Z subsidies available?

Ring Work and Income on 0800 774-004, this MUST be done before starting at the centre. Once you have rung them, they will log you into the system and send you the forms.

Rural Scholars Early Learning Centre offers 30 free hours for three to five year olds. (This allows these children up to 6 hours per day) See Paula if you have any questions about this.

What days are Rural Scholars Early Learning Centre closed?

Rural Scholars Early Learning Centre is closed on all Statutory Holidays and also for a period of time over the Christmas break, please check with the centre Manager what these dates are as they vary from year to year.


The Annual Audit that shows how funding is used will also be on the notice board.