Rural Scholars Early Childhood Learning Centre, Waimate

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Our Vision


Our vision when building the centre in 2009 was it would encompass all the magical elements that children experience when interacting with nature in a rural setting.

Both the indoor and outdoor environments at Rural Scholars Early Learning Centre will be beautiful and peaceful with Whanaungatanga being clearly evident.

Our centre will enable children to experience the most wonderful learning opportunities through peaceful exploration and will challenge them and encourage risk taking and participation. The centre will have everything a child, parents and teachers could want in a rural centre including daily visits to the farm to care for animals and explore our natural surroundings. The children will learn about respecting other living things and develop a sense of self-belief as they are supported to take on responsibilities and meet challenges.

Our commitment to multiculturalism is clearly evident as it is interwoven into the environment and programme. We reflect qualities that rural families, whanau, local iwi and the community value. Our centre is family oriented, with Teachers valuing each and every unique child and family. Our communications will be open and honest. Our centre is breastfeeding friendly and will have an open door policy.

The environment and programme will offer a variety of experiences to encourage and excite our children's desires to learn. The inside area will be aesthetically pleasing. There will be lovely pictures, plants, flowers, family photos, cushions, throw rugs, and other homely touches. There will be plenty of space for activities including play dough, collage, drawing, painting, reading, relaxing, puzzles, family play, table top games just to name a few.

Our infants and toddlers will experience an environment where teachers are calm, relaxed and unhurried. Teachers will pay them full attention and take queues from the child. Infants and toddlers will have freedom to explore and learn. Care moments' such as feeding, dressing, changing and sleeping will be valued as significant learning opportunities.

We believe every individual child has a right to grow up surrounded with love, respect, understanding, nature, beauty, and challenges. This centre will be a place where children can make wonderful childhood memories while feeling safe, excited, challenged, involved, and where they and their whanau feel a strong sense of belonging.